PayProp Rental Index

Q3 2017

With consumers under continued pressure, we see a significant drop in rental price growth in most provinces. 

The quarterly guide outlining trends in the SA residential rental market

Currently at the low end of the scale, year-on-year rental growth in Limpopo decreased significantly over Q3.

Defining moments of the third quarter:

Consumers under pressure

The more a tenant earns, the higher the desire to display their wealth.

Tenants and consumers in general remain under pressure – if not from rent growth then from inflation in general.

Flagging Limpopo

Deposit growth

Keeping up with the Joneses

We investigate possible correlation between damage deposit and rent growth.

Beyond the usual updates on the residential market, we introduce cumulative growth to gauge buy-to-let investment potential, and also update readers on the industry events we hosted and attended over the period under review. 

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Weighted average national year-on-year rental growth vs. year-on-year inflation rates

Attention buy-to-let investors:

If rent in all provinces were R1,000 at the same starting point three years ago, where would it be now ?

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